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Quote from Lane in So... Good Talk

Lane: I can't believe it. I just cannot believe it.
Rory: It's okay.
Lane: How did this happen? I started listening to rock music when I was seven years old. I snuck makeup on at school. I managed to join a band without anyone knowing. I had a boyfriend who my mother thought was a Christian guitarist. And I ate spicy condiments like they were going out of style.
Rory: Lane.
Lane: I drank soda, ate hamburgers, wore jewelry, I danced.
Rory: Not very well.
Lane: Hey, any skill level's a sin. And then I moved out and I lived with two guys. I mean, nothing else stuck. Nothing. So why this?
Rory: It's a mystery.
Lane: Why couldn't the gluten-free thing stick? I could've lived with that. Or the not dancing thing.

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