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Quote from Paris in Friday Night's Alright for Fighting

Paris: Our pictures have sucked eggs lately, and so I sent out two photographers to cover the same story. They each came back with about 40 of the crappiest pictures ever to have been committed to film. Completely unusable.
Rory: It was supposed to be a picture of a football game.
Paris: I know.
Rory: Well, was there one with a guy in a helmet holding a ball? Because that's really all you need.
Paris: They were predictable and standard.
Rory: Guy in helmet holding ball.
Paris: Cover of the Harvard Crimson after the big game, guy with helmet holding ball. Stanford game, guy in helmet holding ball. I wanted something more, okay? Something that really said something about the game.
Rory: Like "we forgot to go"?
Paris: And then, of course, when the temperamental artistes found out I had double-booked the gig, they threw Naomi Campbell-level hissy fits and quit.

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