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Quote from Sookie in Always a Godmother, Never a God

Sookie: Luke, Luke, Luke, look, look, look. Luke, Luke, Luke, look, look, look. That's kind of funny. It just came out.
Luke: Sookie, I'm working.
Sookie: I know. I just came by to show you this.
Luke: What's that?
Sookie: This is a vintage cake-topper. Porcelain bisque, hand-painted I think in the 1940s. Shoulder pads on the shoulders. I found it at a flea market this morning. It's perfect.
Luke: Perfect for what?
Sookie: For your and Lorelai's wedding cake.
Luke: Oh, well, that's nice.
Sookie: Nice? Nice? It's not nice, it's fate. Look. Perhaps this looks familiar. His butt. It's your butt. It's your butt, Luke. It's your butt.
Luke: Stop screaming, "It's your butt." People are eating.
Sookie: What are the odds of me finding a cake-topper with exactly your butt?

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