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Quote from Luke in Written in the Stars

Luke: [sighs] Okay. Let's get something out of the way right now.
Lorelai: What? [Luke grabs a pen and pad from his bedside cabinet] What are you doing?
Luke: Tell me what CD's to get so I don't have to hear about it.
Lorelai: Seriously?
Luke: And skip any '80s groups where the guys dressed up like pirates. I draw the line at pirates.
Lorelai: This has been a really great first date.
Luke: It only took us eight years to get here. [they kiss] Okay. So, U2, right?
Lorelai: Yeah, Bono is a must, and Blondie and, um... Ooh, Sparks, especially the new one, plus Bowie.
Luke: Okay, I know he dressed up like a pirate.
Lorelai: Space man.
Luke: Space man I can deal with.

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