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Quote from Paris in In the Clamor and the Clangor

Paris: Smart move, jumping on my bandwagon with the International Relations Association.
Rory: Like I had a choice.
Paris: What?
Rory: You dragged me here, Paris.
Paris: You'll thank me when you're interviewing for grad school in a few years and find those waifish looks of yours aren't quite as charming.
Rory: Whatever that means.
Paris: It means these kind of clubs look good on your resume.
Rory: You know what also looks good on a resume? Passing your classes.
Paris: No one studies more than you do, you're fine. Now, remember to argue, even if you have nothing to say, or add, be vocal. Very few people in life listen to what anyone else says anyhow. It's all about volume.

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