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Quote from Paris in Hammers and Veils

Paris: When you apply to an Ivy League school, you need more than good grades and test scores to get you in. Everyone who applies to Harvard has a perfect GPA and great test scores. It's the extras that put you over the top: The clubs, charities, volunteering. You know.
Rory: Oh, yeah. I know.
Paris: I started volunteering in fourth grade. I handed out cookies at the local children's hospital. By 10, I was leading my first study group. The youngest person in the group was 12.
Rory: Wow.
Paris: I've been a camp counselor, I organized a senior literacy program, I worked a suicide hot line, I manned a runaway center. I've adopted dolphins, taught sign language, trained Seeing Eye dogs.
Rory: But when did you have time for a life?
Paris: I'll have a life after I graduate from Harvard. And if you'll excuse me, the drainage on the south side of this place sucks.

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