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Quote from Lorelai in Love, Daisies and Troubadours

Lorelai: Jim Dunning, that's the Dick Tracy guy. Oh. The Dean box. Okay. I know I was supposed to throw it away but I couldn't. I mean, you're young, and your head's all weird and you don't have any perspective because of that whole young, weird-headed thing. So just please listen to me before you get mad. You're gonna want that stuff one day when you're old and married and looking back and thinking: "I certainly had an interesting life." And then you can pull out all your old-boyfriend boxes, which is good because I threw away stuff I'd kill to have today. Look, I put it in with the Max box so they could chat and keep each other company and commiserate about how they had a Gilmore girl and lost a Gilmore girl. And... Sorry.
Rory: Thanks.

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