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Quote from Emily in Knit, People, Knit!

Emily: I'm so happy you love it. We were flying blind without a gift registry.
Lorelai: Well, you flew great, Mom.
Emily: Of course, I imagine it's difficult to have the forethought to register when you decide to suddenly elope. Everything changes when a couple elopes, doesn't it? Nothing is done in quite the traditional manner. For instance, informing your parents of your marriage by leaving them a message on their answering machine.
Christopher: What? You told me you told them.
Lorelai: I didn't say they were home when I told them.
Rory: Mom, you're such a chicken.
Christopher: You left a message on their machine?
Richard: She certainly did.
Emily: I come home, and I push "play" on the machine, and what do I hear between a message from Lily Margulies about her fund-raiser for Tanzanian children and one from my tennis pro, but my very own daughter telling me, guess what, she's married.

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