Simon Quote #24

Quote from Simon in Mother Load (Part 1)

Simon: Shouldn't we stop at the supermarket on the way home? I'm very fond of those ham-and-cheese Hot Pockets that you had last year.
Martin: Oh, I keep those stocked. Everything's just like you remember.
Frasier: Well, there has been one small change. The liquor cabinet has a lock.
Simon: Yeah. Well, my new moped had a lock, too. Ha-ha!


 ‘Mother Load (Part 1)’ Quotes

Quote from Frasier

Simon: Oh, don't worry, Mum. Everything will be all right when we get home.
Gertrude: Well, what's left for me there? An empty house full of memories? No, I'd rather stay right here in the company of my babies. Thank goodness I have my children to lean upon.
Simon: Oh, don't cry, Mum. I really thought this junket to America would cheer you up.
Niles: Oh, well, it still can. Go away. I mean, get out there and see the country.
Frasier: Yes, that is a splendid idea. This land is rich with snow-covered mountains, sun-kissed beaches, wild, untamed rivers, and a warm, loving people ready to embrace you. Immerse yourself in the spectacle and the grandeur that are these United States, this America.
[An American flag is suddenly draped down across Frasier's entire balcony window]
Niles: How did you do that?
Frasier: [gasps] Cam Winston!

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: Good afternoon again, Cam.
Cam: Listen, Crane, you may have bamboozled the condo board, but we both know you just want more room to swing your fat ass into that BMW.
Frasier: Cam, if there is any benefit to me, it is the cleaner air which we will all now breathe.
Cam: Oh, get off your high horse. You do your share of polluting with that substitute for masculinity you're driving.
Frasier: If mine's a substitute for masculinity, then what is yours?
Cam: Bigger.

 Simon Moon Quotes

Quote from And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (Part 1)

Martin: Simon, how about a little breakfast?
Simon: Oh, no thanks, Marty. I've already had a lovely crispy golden waffle and a foamy cappuccino down in the Winnebago.
Martin: The Winnebago? That doesn't have a waffle iron or a cappuccino maker.
Daphne: Wait a minute. These gifts look like they've been unwrapped and then wrapped again. Simon!
Simon: You know what that is, Daphne? That's a bread maker, which you did not register for. Some people are so bloody thoughtless.
Daphne: That's stealing. These gifts are going back.
Simon: Never! Returning used merchandise is unethical. And I for one will never be party to it.

Quote from Mother Load (Part 1)

Martin: Hey, Fras, I got an idea. Why doesn't Simon stay with us?
Frasier: Oh, oh.
Simon: That's very kind of you, Marty.
Frasier: Yes, well, it is, except it's- Uh, well, I think there'll be more room here at Niles's.
Niles: Oh, yes. Although Frasier's apartment is, uh, closer to a pizza restaurant.
Frasier: Yes, but Niles' is closer to a liquor mart.
Simon: Now, now, now, I don't want you boys fighting over me.
Niles: Dad, how many channels does that satellite of yours get?
Martin: Five hundred.
Simon: We have a winner.