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Quote from Kenny in Sweet Dreams

Kenny: Oh, I almost forgot. I got a call from the "Happy Dreams" tea people. They had a bunch of spots scheduled for the first hour and you forgot to read them.
Frasier: Actually, I didn't forget. I had a look at the copy, and, well, I couldn't read it.
Kenny: Oh, why not?
Frasier: Well, just listen to this here. "One cup of 'Happy Dreams' tea and you'll have happy dreams all night long." Well, the fact is that dreams are a bi-product of unresolved emotion. No tea can promise happy dreams.
Kenny: Oh yeah, I totally get it. Here's my problem. Our ad revenues are down and they're a major new sponsor. I just promised them that you'd read the ads this hour.
Frasier: Yes, but as a psychiatrist I can't. They're promising something that's impossible.
Kenny: Okay. Okay, now I understand. What if we just think of it more as a slogan?
Frasier: You see, but it's not a slogan. If I as a doctor read it, it sounds like medical advice.
Kenny: Okay, now, totally get it. So, instead of saying "This is Dr. Frasier Crane," just don't say doctor.
Frasier: Kenny, perhaps I'm not making myself clear here. Let's try this, I will never read this copy.
Kenny: Oh, this is the part of my job I really hate. You take a stand like that - and I totally respect it, by the way - you force my hand. That's our biggest sponsor. So unless you're willing to go on the air right now and read that ad, I have to fire you.

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