Trending ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Quotes

Quote from Marie in She's the One

Marie: Robbie, honey, I know what you're going through, and I can help you. I just want you, once and for all, to say it to me.
Robert: What are you talking about? Say what to you?
Marie: That you're homosexual.
Robert: Ma!
Marie: Just say it!
Frank: No, don't say it!
Robert: I'm not saying it!


Quote from Frank in Boys' Therapy

Marie: What did you think, Frank?
Frank: Well, when you were yanking me into this, I was, as you know, very skeptical. But then I got there, and I have to say... it really paid off. And I owe it all to Marie's Mouth.
Marie: I'm so happy I helped.
Ray: To Marie's Mouth!

Quote from Marie in The Bigger Person

Frank: Hey. You know what the guys at the lodge were just telling me? Apparently if you install it yourself, a satellite dish is actually quite affordable. Makes you think, doesn't it? Anyway, make me a sandwich, will ya?
Marie: You want a sandwich?
Frank: Uh, roast beef, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, cheese, easy onion.
Marie: Sounds nice. What kind of bread?
Frank: Let's go with the whole wheat today, shall we?
Marie: All right.
[Marie hits Frank with the bread]
Frank: Ow! Hey! Hey! Ow! Okay, white bread, then!
Marie: You didn't think I'd catch on to you, Mr. Sleazy Man? Oh, I caught on. Oh, did I catch on! Sure, getting the two of us to wait on you hand and foot, exploiting the situation. I wish this bread was stale, I would give you a concussion!

Quote from Frank in Moving Out

Frank: Hey, what was with all that racket last night?
Robert: What racket?
Frank: Like around 9:00, I heard your girlfriend talking.
Robert: Amy talking is racket?
Frank: She's not talking to me, so, yeah, racket.
Robert: So I'm not allowed to talk to people any more?

Quote from Frank in Your Place or Mine?

Frank: That was not tuna salad. It had no celery in it.
Marie: So once I forgot the celery. So what?
Frank: So what? So it's not tuna salad. It had no bite. It had no crunch.
Marie: Oh, poor you.
Frank: Yeah, poor me. Raymond, what is it that makes tuna salad, tuna salad? [Ray is silent] Come on.
Ray: It's the celery.
Frank: Yeah, it's the celery that makes tuna salad, tuna salad. What you gave me was tuna slop.
Marie: I put in mayo, I put in dill, I put in pepper. I mashed it, I mixed it, I spread it. And you have the nerve to say slop to me.
Frank: Yes. Slop to you. Slop to you!
Ray: [to Debra] He was on the debate team.

Quote from Marie in Humm Vac

Robert: What are you doing?
Marie: Everyone wants me to change, I can change. I'm taking the covers off.
Robert: Wh- Where are we gonna sit?
Marie: You can sit right here on the couch 'cause I don't care about these things anymore. I'm nothing if I'm not flexible.
Frank: What are you saying, Marie? We can sit on the couch?
Marie: Be my guest, Frank. Go ahead.
Robert: So, we can really sit there? On the actual couch?
Marie: Go ahead, enjoy.