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Quote from Ray in The Cult

Ray: Mmm. Man, I love a pickle. Juicy. Mmm. You know what's great about a pickle? It's like a food and a drink.


 ‘The Cult’ Quotes

Quote from Marie

Marie: Oh my God! He's in a cult!
Robert: It's not a cult, Ma.
Frank: Then why the hell did you hug me?
Robert: It made me happy.
Marie: Oh my God! He's in a cult!
Robert: It's not a cult. It's just a bunch of people who want to see me happy, who happen to care about me.
Marie: You have that here, you stupid ass.

Quote from Frank

Frank: What is this, a party? What? You lock me out to keep me away from cake now?
Marie: Just go home, Frank.
Ray: Yeah, Dad, go. How come you're not at the lodge?
Frank: The pool's got a fungus. Well, what's the party for, the Dalai Lama over here?
Ray: Okay. Come on. Please, Dad, not now.
Frank: [sings] Hello, Dolly.
Debra: Frank.
Frank: [sings] Well, hello, Dolly.
Ray: Dad!
Frank: [sings] It's so nice that my son's head is full of crap.

Quote from Marie

Debra: I just want to talk to you.
Robert: Why?!
Debra: Because I care about you!
Marie: And I'm your mother!
Robert: Why would I take advice about life from you two? You can't even talk to each other!
Marie: Yes, we can! Oh, Debra!
Debra: Oh, Marie! [both hug and sob]