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Quote from Robert in She's the One

Ray: Ma, I saw that girl eat a fly!
Marie: Stop it, Raymond! Why can't you just accept that your brother is different? I accept you, Robbie.
Robert: Listen, Ma, I would love nothing more than to tell you I'm gay.
Frank: Marie, look what you're doing!
Robert: But I'm not, Dad, all right? So you can unclench your intestines. I wish I had a good reason why I'm always striking out. But I don't. It's me. It's me. Most people find their other half. And I just have to wake up and accept already that maybe there is no other half... for this.
Marie: Oh, Robbie!
Robert: See you later.


 ‘She's the One’ Quotes

Quote from Marie

Robert: This again?!
Marie: A woman ate a fly? Nobody believes your stories, Robbie. Just say it.
Robert: No!
Marie: "I'm a gay."
Robert: What?
Marie: You'll feel better. "Hello, I'm queer, and now I'm here!"
Ray: Who says that?
Marie: That's the slogan. Just admit it already!

Quote from Marie

Debra: Come on, Robert, she does not.
Ray: Oh, what is it about you that you don't believe me when I tell you? She sat right there at your dinner table and ate a fly!
Marie: I could believe that.
Ray: No, Mom, it wasn't in the food.
Marie: Oh. I don't believe that.

Quote from Ray

Debra: Listen, Robert, just relax. If Angela really is the one, she's gonna have to meet your parents at some point. You might as well get it over with. Right, Ray?
Ray: [turns around] She's not the one.
Robert: What?
Ray: Come here. Listen. Listen. I saw something that I have to tell you, because you have to know, because I saw it.
Robert: What are you talking about?
Debra: What did you see, Ray?
Ray: Angela ate the fly.
Debra: What?!
Robert: What do you mean?
Ray: The fly that was flying around, Angela killed it, it fell on the table, she put it in a napkin, and then she ate it!