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Quote from Ray in The Skit

Ray: And finally this is how Lee and Stan might visit someone's home. "Ding-dong! Hello! Thank you for inviting us."
Debra: "Oh, Stan, isn't this a lovely house?"
Ray: "It certainly is, and you are lovely too, Lee."
Debra: "Oh, thank you, Stan. I love you."
Ray: "And I love you, Lee." Now, let's take a look at how Frank and Marie might visit someone's home, shall we?
Debra: "Do you think Raymond is home?"
Ray: "Let's find out."
Both: "Ba-boom!" [mime kicking the door down]


 ‘The Skit’ Quotes

Quote from Ray

Debra: "Oh my God, look what they leave lying around! The 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue!"
Ray: "Holy crap! Gimme that!"
Debra: "Frank, you know that's not what real women look like."
Ray: "No kidding."
Debra: "And just what magazine are you in, Frank? 'Bald and Gassy?'"
Ray: "Hey, my problem is, I got a lifetime subscription to you!"
Debra: "And I can cancel it at any time!"

Quote from Debra

Debra: Hey, you know what? That's what you should do, stuff about your parents.
Ray: What? It's Lee and Stan's thing.
Debra: I know, but you could do like a marriage comparison. You know, where Lee and Stan are a classic, successful marriage, and your parents are less classical.
Ray: That's true. I would love to be able to bring up the time they drove a car through the living room wall.
Debra: Yeah, as opposed to Lee and Stan, who prefer to ring the doorbell. [both laugh]
Ray: That's good.
Debra: Yeah. Yeah.
Ray: Or or how 'bout the time my father accidentally gave out condoms for Halloween?
Debra: How 'bout the time that they fought for a week because they were literally comparing apples and oranges!
Ray: Right, right. I remember that. I had to vote.

Quote from Robert

Robert: You know what I always like? A good song parody.
Debra: A song parody? Like what?
Robert: How 'bout something like... [sings to the tune of "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain"] Lee and Stan have been married 45 years Lee and Stan have been married 45 years Oh, they like to play canasta and take walks around the malls and why not? It's marvelous exercise.