Frank Quote #138

Quote from Frank in The Gift

Ally: Where's Stan?
Marie: I think he's hiding in the treasure chest.
Ally: He's too big for the treasure chest.
Marie: No. I think he goes there sometimes just to get away from the other fish.
Frank: [opens serving hatch] He's not in the damn treasure chest. He's dead.
Ray: What?
Frank: That's what fish do. They die!
Ray: Dad, I'll replace him for you.
Frank: I don't want him replaced! Do me a favor, Ray! Don't get me any more presents! [closes serving hatch]


 ‘The Gift’ Quotes

Quote from Ray

Ray: Don't you see? I've set a precedent now. I got him a tropical fish tank. Now every year I got to get him something bigger and better.
Debra: No, no, no. Nobody says you have to keep topping yourself.
Ray: Yes, you do. That's the way gifts are. You have to. You can't get him an aquarium one year and the next year, Isotoners.
Debra: Your dad loves the gift. Just enjoy the moment.
Ray: I've had no training for that.
Debra: The good news is you don't have to worry about this for a year.
Ray: You know nothing about worry. It's not that I don't have to worry for a year. It's that I have a year to worry.

Quote from Marie

Frank: Hey, it's not that fruit-of-the-month thing again, is it?
Ray: No, no, no.
Marie: Oh, that was the worst!
Frank: They're still coming! We got grapefruit out the wazoo!
Marie: You promised. You promised you'd stop them.
Debra: You're still on the computer. It's gonna take a couple of months.
Marie: Dear God!

Quote from Frank

Ray: Okay, I understand. That's more of the symbol thing. You don't want me to replace the fish because you don't want me to replace you when you, you know? When you're dead.
Frank: When I'm dead? What are you bringing that up for? I don't want you to replace the fish because I found out it costs $40! Who the hell buys a $40 fish? Salmon costs $13.95 a pound, and you can eat it!
Ray: That's what you're mad at?
Frank: Yeah, yeah. Then I find out the whole fish tank costs $600! Where do you get off spending that kind of money? How's that supposed to make me feel?
Ray: Happy?
Frank: Jeezalou. $600 on a box of water!