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Quote from Ray in The Sister

Ray: So how long is your sister staying?
Debra: Well, for a while I hope this time.
Ray: Yeah, well, with her, we could just be some pit stop to some acupuntury, aromatherapy Hindu festival of hugging.
Debra: She's just trying to find herself, Ray.
Ray: She hasn't looked near the soap.
Debra: She doesn't smell, Ray. That was patchouli oil that time.
Ray: Patchouli. What is that, Hindu for "stink"?
Debra: She smells fine.
Marie: Hi, dears. I brought you my big spoon.
Ray: Ah, see? Ah. See, that's beautiful. That is what a woman should smell like. Ah, lemon Pledge and meat sauce.

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