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Quote from Marie in Robert's Wedding

Marie: I'm just so worried that Robbie might only be getting married today because of me.
Robert: Ma, what are ya talkin' about?
Marie: I may have pressured you into getting married, and you weren't ready yet. And I need to do what's best for my son, don't I?
Robert: Could it not be today?
Marie: I'm sorry. You know I never like to interfere. But I pushed you because I was so worried that you'd wind up with nobody, and even though this is wonderful... [Ray sits down] and I'm thrilled to be here, and I love Amy - Hi, Amy - but it all happened so fast, I'm not sure how Amy's family feels about you.
Robert: Ma, this is none of your business.
Marie: How could you say that? Of course, it's my business. You're my son, you're my business.

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