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Quote from Ray in The Can Opener

Ray: You know, what's great about after an argument? It's the way we make up.
Debra: Can I ask you something, Ray? You don't think it's my job just to cook and clean for you, do you?
Ray: You don't understand. We already had the argument. This is the making up part.
Debra: No, no. It's just what your father said to your mother, that's what was bothering me about that whole can opener thing. I just feel with everything I have to do around here, sometimes you kind of take me for granted.
Ray: I don't. I appreciate everything that you do. I do. I just hope that you don't take me for granted.
Debra: What do you mean?
Ray: Eh, it's nothing.
Debra: No, really, I want to know.
Ray: Well, it's just like sometimes I feel when I come to bed that I'm just somebody who's here to lay next to you. You know? And that's all.
Debra: Yeah, all right. All right, Ray.
Ray: No, 'cause I need to feel like I'm more than that.
Debra: You should stop talking.
Ray: Okay. I mean, it's just nice to be acknowledged.
Debra: Yeah, yeah. Let's get this over with.

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