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Quote from Marie in The Lone Barone

Ray: Ah, witnesses. You kill me, you've got to kill them too.
Marie: How dare you?
Ray: Oh, boy.
Marie: You just can't stop ruining your brother's life, can you?
Ray: I didn't do anything.
Marie: First, you drive him out of my home. Now you take away my grandchildren.
Ray: What?
Marie: If you hadn't interfered they would've gotten married. And Amy would've had four children right away. That's what we talked about.
Frank: She had good hips, that one.
Marie: I put two years into that girl. When I first met her, she didn't even want children. Now it's all gone because Robby talked to this one.
Frank: You've upset your mother. She came to me looking for comfort. I'm not set up for that!

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