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Quote from Ma Mary in The President

James: Mum's had a lot going on.
Cathy Maguire: Yeah. I've actually just started my own business. It's been a real passion project, a real labour of love! And it's really starting to take off now, so...
Mary: Right. And what sort of area is it?
Cathy Maguire: Self-adhesive labels.
Mary: Stickers?
Cathy Maguire: I design high-end self-adhesive labels.
Mary: You make stickers.
Cathy Maguire: For bespoke gift packages.
Mary: You're a sticker maker.
Cathy Maguire: No, they're not stickers exactly.
Sarah: And would there be much money in sticker making, Cathy?
Cathy Maguire: They are not stickers! Labels. They're labels.

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