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Quote from Rebecca in Our Hourly Bread

Woody: Wait a minute. Let's just stick with this title thing.
Rebecca: No, no, Woody, you said you would settle for a raise. Now, I'm going to hold you to it.
Woody: Oh, no, I blew it! I should have demanded a title. Money gets spent, but titles are forever.
Rebecca: No, Woody, I told you-
Woody: Doggone it, Miss Howe, you're not going to palm some raise off on me. I don't want money. I- I deserve a title.
Rebecca: Woody, I've met some tough negotiators in my life... All right, you deserve it. I'll go to the mat for you. Congratulations. You're the new Senior Bartender.
Woody: Get out! Senior Bartender?! Wait till I tell my folks! To think I came in here asking for a stupid little raise, and now this. I just hope it doesn't go to my head.
Rebecca: Oh, that's what's nice about you, Woody. Nothing ever goes to your head.

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