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Quote from Cory in The Honeymoon is Over

Mr. Feeny: Oh, Cory, Topanga. From the bottom of my heart, I'd do anything for you two. If it's anything short of actually moving in, anything - anything at all.
Cory: How about some of your millions, fella?


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Quote from Topanga

Cory: You know you got a big house, Feeny, and no children.
Mr. Feeny: Mrs. Matthews-
Topanga: What do you do in that house, Feeny, you eat?

Quote from Cory

Cory: Mom's revved up. Go get the luggage.

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Quote from How to Succeed in Business

Cory: This corporate world is my very essence. Okay, and as I climb the ladder to success, I want you there right with me.
Shawn: Next to you?
Cory: Behind me. That's how ladders work.

Quote from Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard to Do

Cory: They want you to take the rolls!