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Quote from Barry Zuckerkorn in Saving for Arraignment Day

George Sr.: So that's my choice? Between my wife and my son?
Barry: Isn't that the worst? Especially when you're checking into a hotel. Here's my advice. Always say that he's your wife, 'cause they never have the balls to check. I'm out of context again, aren't I? [quietly] I'm so sorry.


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Quote from Barry Zuckerkorn

Jack Griffin: Your Honor, in the case of The State of California v. Buster Bluth, we'd like to enter a plea of guilty.
Judge Spencer: Hmm. Okay. Let's set a date for a sentencing presentation. And on a personal note, I just want to say that it is not often in the course of a jurisprudence career that a judge has the... I want to say privilege-
Michael: Sorry. Did- Did- Did you say- Did they say guilty?
Barry: Look at that. There is always a guy who wants to know what's going on. It's why I could never go to the movies with my father.

Quote from Lucille

Buster: [singsong] Mother Is there anybody else you'd like to say hello to, Mother?
Lucille: At least I came to your trial. For mine, you were too busy juicing it up with that woman you probably pushed...
Buster: [singsong] Careful.
Lucille: Yep. You look different.
Buster: I'm growing dreads, Mother. Dreads right out of my head.
Lucille: Just because you have an African-American left hand, all of a sudden you're Ray Charles? And I thought you Alibaba-ed one that was less threatening.

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Quote from Out on a Limb

Michael: We need to speak to you about getting a divorce for Gob.
Barry: Oh, well, I got Michael out of his marriage, didn't I? [raises hand for high-five]
Michael: Actually, she died.
Barry: You're kidding me. I've been taking credit for that for years.
Michael: Credit?

Quote from The B. Team

Michael: [on the phone] Barry, you still there?
Barry: So I got a really interesting call from Ron Howard, of all people. He's directing now, apparently, and wants to meet you at his office in, get this, Beverly Hills.
Michael: Why does Ron- Why does Ron Howard want to meet with me?
Barry: I don't know. His office didn't say. And if you don't mind, I'm a little busy with a case of my own.
Michael: Did you get any other information?
Barry: Apparently, he directed a movie called Cocoon.
Michael: Sorry. I was unclear about why he wants to meet with me.
Barry: I don't know. You want me to tell him to go [bleep] himself? I can tell Ron Howard to go [bleep] himself.
Tell him to shove it up his [bleep]. I just can't do it now because I'm in front of a jury.
Michael: Barry, I will meet with him. Wait- You're in front of a jury right now?
Barry: Oh, and the looks I'm getting. Got to go. [hangs up] Sorry, everybody. I'm an attorney, too.