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Quote from Dick in What's Love Got to Do, Got to Do with Dick?

Mary: And this is your office. Oh, uh, Jennifer Ravelli, meet Dick Solomon.
Dick: [very British] Oh, helloo.
Jennifer Ravelli: Oh, what a delightfully eclectic sense of decor you have.
Dick: Ah, the mockery begins.
Jennifer Ravelli: Oh, I love it. How whimsical!
Dick: Okay, the potato man... we don't touch that.
Mary: Ah, Jennifer, have you met your assistant Nina Campbell? Uh, Dick, maybe you could take Jennifer on a tour of the campus later on.
Dick: Oh, fine. But we'll have to walk. [Hillbilly accent] My rusty old tater truck's in the shop, and I plum forgot my mule.
Mary: Play nice.

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