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Quote from Don in Jailhouse Dick

Dick: So, if he can't pay his fine, he just-
Don: Well, he'll just sit there for a few days and think about what he's done.
Dick: Hmm. And that'll teach him that jail is a dirty, horrible place, and he'll never want to return?
Don: Exactly. In fact, this is the fifth time he's learned that very lesson.
Dick: The fifth time? Why does he keep coming back?
Don: Ah, it's just the way they are.
Dick: Then what's the point of this place? It's just a revolving door, a hopeless hotel whose residents check in and out between crimes. And you, Don, you're nothing more than a bellhop with a badge.
Don: I am not.
Inmate: Hey, can I get a clean towel and a Wall Street Journal?
Don: Will you shut up in there?!

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