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Quote from Sally in Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner?

Sally: "If we could change the world."
Harry: Racism.
Sally: It's here.
Tommy: Racism. Stop racism. Stop racism. Stop.
Sally: Racism.
Harry: Stop!
Tommy: What?
Harry: Well, you're standing on my foot.
Sally: All right! Shut up! Shut up!
Tommy: Never again should a Cherokee man board a commercial jet liner and be afraid that the cowboy pilot will take him and the rest of the passengers out.
Harry: Racism.
Sally: We dream of a world where every photo is in color, and black and white photography is a hilarious joke, akin to someone saying, "Hey, your horse and buggy is here."
Harry: Weigh station. In this world, America will do the laundry of the Chinese.
All: And we will mix the whites and colors. One load, one world!

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