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Quote from Bill in Black Teacher

Dean: I like Mr. Brady, but... [sighs] I was thinking maybe you could talk to him.
Bill: About?
Dean: Well, it feels like he's giving special attention to the Black kids, and some of my White friends are feeling left out.
Bill: You sneak a sip of the whiskey? 'Cause you're clearly not thinking right. You think those White kids felt bad about all the special attention they were getting from the White teachers?
Dean: I-I don't know. It feels like whenever he does something nice for us, everybody stares like... like they're mad.
Bill: People predisposed to hating gonna actively hate.
Adult Dean: Oh, man. He was almost the first dude to say "haters gonna hate."
Dean: And now me, Cory, and Keisa are all on the Knowledge Bowl team, and Brad got bumped.
Bill: Listen, you're not doing anything wrong, and neither is Mr. Brady. Seems to me like he's just trying to level the playing field.

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