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Quote from Carlton in Not with My Cousin You Don't

Carlton: Will, the new intercom system is working like gangbusters. Now we can talk to one another from different rooms.
Will: Carlton, I don't wanna talk to you when we're in the same room.
Carlton: Check out the exciting new roam feature. Let's listen to my room. Well, all's quiet in there.
Will: Oh, there's a surprise.
Carlton: Subject: Geoffrey's room.
Geoffrey: [over intercom] I wonder how I'd look if I shaved my entire body.
Carlton: Changing channels.
Keesha: [over intercom] If you and Derek have sex you'll be the first one in our group to lose her virginity.
Derek is leaving tomorrow. So are you gonna do it?
Ashley: Keesha, it's not "doing it." It's making love. And, yes, I think we're gonna do it tonight.
[Will & Carlton scream]

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