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Quote from Moira in Rooms by the Hour

Moira: What are the terms?
David: Ooh, it's filming in Bosnia! Um, in a city that I don't- I don't know the name of the city. I can't pronounce it. A lot of consonants.
Moira: I did not know that. But I've always loved shooting on location, it allows one to focus on the work.
David: Hmm, it's being released in Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina.
Moira: Before opening internationally!
David: You have to fly yourself there?
Moira: Mmm, that doesn't sound right.
David: Ooh, accommodation is covered.
Moira: Thank God!
David: You'll be put up with a local family.
Moira: Close to the set?
David: They're paying you scale. But it'll be in Baltic currency, do you want me to keep going?
Moira: No, read to yourself.
David: There's a death waiver?!
Moira: Oh. You can close the computer.
David: Yeah, but we haven't even gotten to the section on bird safety yet!

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