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Quote from Tim in Bell Bottom Blues

Tim: Anyway, I promise I won't hug you in front of your buddies anymore.
Brad: OK.
Tim: But I'm still gonna say I love you.
Brad: Oh, Dad, that's ten times worse than hugging.
Tim: Wait a minute, hold on a minute. It's not like that. It's like, we'll be at a ball game. Pretend we're at a ball game. Instead of saying, "I love you," I'll say something like, "How 'bout the Lions?" We'll both know what I'm talking about.
Brad: OK. But don't say it too mushy.
Tim: You mean like... "How 'bout those Lions?"


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Quote from Al

Tim: You have to have a bigger toolbox to compensate for your teensy-weensy paycheck.
Al: No, Tim. I need a bigger toolbox because I'm your assistant. And I need to be ready for any of your particular needs.
Tim: Oh, yeah, you do. [grunts] You're really shaping up around here, Al.
Al: Well, I have plenty of room in here for bandages, couple of ice packs.
Tim: Stop it, Al. Cut it out.
Al: Oh, a tourniquet.
Tim: I hope you have a job application in there, buddy.
Al: Crutches.
Tim: Huh?
Al: IV unit.

Quote from Wilson

Tim: You know, Wilson... Brad's going through this thing where he doesn't want me to hug him anymore.
Wilson: Mm-hm, mm-hm, mm-hm, mm-hm. He's finally reached that age.
Tim: It's a funny thing, you know. He doesn't want me to touch him, but he'll still wrestle and roughhouse with me.
Wilson: Well, that's because throughout history men have been more comfortable expressing affection through combative gestures. Such as the salute.
Tim: The salute?
Wilson: Oh, yes, Tim. In the Middle Ages, when knights on horseback would pass by each other, they would raise the visors of their helmets to expose their face, and show each other that they were friends. And that became...
Tim: A salute.
Wilson: A sign of friendship and respect. In the same vein, the handshake evolved when men would extend their weapon hand to show that they were unarmed. [shakes Tim's hand through the fence]
Tim: Or to show they didn't have a little joke buzzer in there.
Wilson: There you go, neighbor. Men's gestures of friendship, and respect, grow out of competition and combat.

Quote from Jill

Jill: All right, all right, all right. I'll clean the closet out.
Tim: There's got to be something in here you can get rid of.
Jill: Yeah, but I stayed married to it because of the kids.