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Quote from Jill in Reach Out and Teach Someone

Tim: You can't unplug the sink with needle nose pliers.
Jill: I'm going to use the pliers to get your screwdriver out of the drain.
Tim: Why is my screwdriver in the drain?
Jill: I used it to unclog the sink.
Tim: What?! You used a screwdriver?
Jill: Yeah, well, I tried the plunger and it didn't work, so I decided I should stab the guck.
Tim: "Stab the guck" with a Binford nickel-plated screwdriver?
Jill: Yeah. Why don't you just go back to your hot rod and let me take care of this?
Tim: Ugh... Right. Next thing you know you'll be jamming my band saw down there.
Jill: I might. What's a band saw?

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