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Quote from Bebe in And the Whimper Is...

Frasier: So, this, ah, this is quite a surprise, you know. Actually I'd, uh, forgotten that the nominations were coming out today.
Bebe: Oh, isn't he precious? You must be very proud of Frasier.
Niles: Well, actually ... no. This nomination is just one more signpost on the low road of celebrity which my brother has chosen for himself.
Frasier: Hope that's not sibling rivalry rearing its vicious little green snout?
Niles: Absolutely not. I'm still in the minority who still believes that psychiatry is a noble profession that is tarnished by such things as popularity contests, not to mention a bouncy little radio program.
Bebe: I bet you two had wicked little hair-pulling fights when you were tots.

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