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Quote from Ray in A Vote for Debra

Ray: What? You told people you don't know me?
Debra: Of course. You were acting like a goofball.
Ray: I don't care what I was doing. You denied knowing me at the potluck?
Debra: You were stuffing your pants with food.
Ray: I'm your husband. You're supposed to support me no matter what's in my pants.


 ‘A Vote for Debra’ Quotes

Quote from Ray

Ray: You know, you're not supposed to ask people who they vote for. That's why we folded our votes and put it in the shoebox with tape around it, and they locked it up in the school cafe-gym-a-torium as our forefathers did.

Quote from Ray

Ray: Didn't you just say, "partners for better or worse, standing up on each other"
Debra: Oh, don't even. It's not the same thing, and you know it. You embarrassed me.
Ray: I didn't do anything different at that potluck that I don't do at any other public place you drag me to. I have always liked beef! And I have always tried to get as much of it as I could at any function! But even before that happened, you made it very clear that I embarrass you getting up on me about shaving, and telling me to stand up straight and tuck in my shirt, like like I wasn't good enough for you. Now I find out you actually told people that you don't know me? I would never do that to you.

Quote from Debra

Debra: You were against this all along. You can't support me for one minute!
Ray: Oh, come on, I support you. When you had 15 meetings this week, who took care of the kids? Putting them to bed and running gallons of water upstairs like Gunga Din?
Debra: First of all, it was two meetings, and you complained the whole time. We all know why you didn't vote for me, Ray. You were afraid if I win, I might get out of this house and you might have to get off your butt and do something. You want me locked in this house. Your vote was a vote for slavery!
Ray: I have always spoken out against slavery.
Debra: Not in this house. Not in this marriage. You don't even know what marriage is. A marriage is two people supporting each other no matter what. Being there for each other for better or for worse, standing next to each other, standing up for each other no matter what. But you don't get that. And that's why at that potluck, I had to tell people I didn't even know you.