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Quote from Ray in The Sneeze

Debra: Hey, welcome home, Ray.
Ray: Some guy sneezed on me.
Debra: Oh. So did you miss me?
Ray: I'm in the men's room at the airport, right? I'm not bothering anybody. This guy, he's right in my face sneezing like he's trying to blow out the devil.
Debra: Ew, that's gross.
Ray: Two seconds I'm dripping in this material from a complete stranger.
Debra: Oh.
Ray: You hear about this all the time. You just, you never think it's gonna happen to you.


 ‘The Sneeze’ Quotes

Quote from Debra

Debra: You know what? I'm around germs all the time. The kids bring all kinds of stuff home. I hardly ever get sick.
Ray: Maybe you're a cyborg.
Debra: Maybe, or maybe it's 'cause I'm always in here washing stuff all the time. My hands are always clean.
Ray: Let me wash my hands.
Debra: Yeah, well, you know, honey, you gotta use soap.
Ray: Soap, soap, soap.
Debra: Use the soap there. And scrub really hard, you know, like you're doing a pot.
Ray: Uh-huh.
Debra: Hey, do that pot.
Ray: I don't wash my hands enough. That's the problem.
Debra: Well, that might be the problem. Yeah, that's it. Just get the soap all over that. Hey, as long as long as you are home, why don't you take the kids to their play date?
Ray: Yeah, yeah, let me just finish this.
Debra: Okay, take your time.

Quote from Marie

Marie: He's such a brave little soldier.
Debra: Soldier? No, he's a hypochondriac. Every time he nicks himself shaving, he wants to call a priest.
Marie: He's a sensitive boy.
Debra: Marie, he's not sick.
Marie: What are you saying, that Raymond is lying to me when he tells me he feels droopy?
Debra: You really think he's sick?
Marie: My son told me that he doesn't feel right, and I love him, and I'm going to take care of him.
Debra: And I don't love him?
Marie: I'm not saying anything.
Debra: All right, Marie. Thank you.
Marie: You know, I understand that you're a young woman of today, what with the women's lib and all that. And you probably think of me as a very old-fashioned, out-of-touch "housewife." And maybe I am, but if someone in my family needs me and wants me to take care of him, I'm there for him. And I'm happy to do it. And now I'm gonna boil my Raymond a chicken.

Quote from Marie

Marie: Raymond, I saw your car. Why aren't you at work?
Ray: I had a doctor appointment.
Marie: You went to the doctor and didn't tell me? Why wasn't I told?
Debra: It's nothing, Marie. The doctor said he's fine.
Ray: He's running tests.
Marie: Tests? What's wrong? Tell me. I have a right to know.
Ray: Some guy sneezed on me.
Marie: What? What guy? Who? Who did this to you?
Ray: Some guy. Some guy at the airport.
Marie: Someone sneezed on you at the airport? You can have anything from anywhere.
Debra: Or you could have nothing.
Marie: Oh, look at this face. Look at the bloodshot eyes, and the yellow skin and the droopy cheeks.
Debra: That's his regular face.
Ray: No no, I have been feeling kind of droopy.