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Quote from Marie in Pilot

Marie: [enters] You're home!
Ray: Hi, Mom.
Marie: Hi. I saw your car pull up before. You didn't call. [slaps Ray] Hi, Debra. I brought you some baking soda for your fridge. I smelled something questionable.
Ray: From across the street?
Marie: [laughs] No, when I was here yesterday. [opens fridge] Ooh, it's worse.
Debra: Come on.
Ray: Okay. All right. Ma, listen, we can buy our own baking soda.
Marie: I know, sweetie. But you don't. [looking at Debra's top] What have we here? I'll get you some club soda for that, too.
Ray: No, Ma, we have club soda.
Marie: No. Your father finished it. I'll see you later. [exits]
Ray: Oh, it comes from love.

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