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Quote from Mr. Johnson in Light Bulb

[aside to camera:]
Mr. Johnson: I like the news, because that's when I can say whatever I want and nobody asks any questions.
[Mr. Johnson walks into the staff lounge as the teachers watch TV:]
Mr. Johnson: Taking a personal day. Going fishing with my friends. Anyways, toilet paper's in the closet.


Quote from Mr. Johnson in Desking

Mr. Johnson: I can catch one of 'em. Haven't done this kind of fishing in a minute. Let's go.
Gregory: I didn't volunteer.
Mr. Johnson: A stakeout needs two people. Think, boy. Who's gonna watch all the crime stuff while the other one eats a hoagie?
Gregory: I...

Quote from Ava in Wishlist

Ava: Oh, yeah, I can help you make your video.
Janine: Really?
Ava: Yes. This is what I do.
Janine: Well, you're also a principal, so...
Ava: Yeah, but this is my art. I write, I edit, I direct, I do the music, I lip-sync. Because of me, when people say that their favorite director is that Ava lady, somebody else gotta be like, "Which one?" [both chuckle]
Janine: Well, maybe you can just give me a few tips. You know, maybe help build upon what I already have?
Ava: Let me see your phone. What is this? An iPhone 9? [chuckles] It's like a Walkman. I don't know nothing about this. That's before my time.