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‘The Psychic Vortex’ Quotes

The Big Bang Theory: The Psychic Vortex

312. The Psychic Vortex

Aired January 11, 2010

Raj enlists Sheldon as his wingman when they attend a university mixer together. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny have an argument when he ridicules her belief in psychics.

Quote from Sheldon

Raj: You can't wear the hands on the date.
Sheldon: Hulk sad!


Quote from Penny

Penny: You know, I believe in ghosts, too.
Leonard: Great.
Penny: And astrology.
Leonard: I know, and pyramid power and healing crystals.
Penny: Oh, no, no, no, crystals don’t work.
Leonard: Really, that’s the line? Psychics are real, but crystals are voodoo?
Penny: Oh, Voodoo is real. You don't want to mess with Voodoo.

Quote from Howard

Leonard: How can I go out with a woman who believes in psychics?
Howard: Hey, I once dated a girl who believed she was abducted by aliens.
Leonard: And that didn't bother you?
Howard: Au contraire. It meant that she was gullible and open to a little probing.

Quote from Sheldon

Leonard: What's going on?
Sheldon: We scored. I'm the wingman.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Goodnight puny human!

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: I've just discovered I don't have enough room on my hard drive for a Linux partition, so you and I are going to perform a full backup, re-initialize and then re-install all my operating systems.

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