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The Big Bang Theory: The Proton Displacement

707. The Proton Displacement

Aired November 7, 2013

When Sheldon's idol, Professor Proton, seeks Leonard's help for a science paper instead of his, Sheldon gets his revenge by befriending rival science icon Bill Nye. Meanwhile, Raj is jealous when Howard starts crashing girls' night.

Quote from Howard

Sheldon: Sheldon Cooper does not cry.
Howard: That's true, you'd rust.


Quote from Leonard

Professor Proton: Can I ask you a question?
Leonard: Yeah, sure.
Professor Proton: Why do you put up with Sheldon?
Leonard: Oh, you know because we're friends.
Professor Proton: Why?
Leonard: Wow, you ask really hard questions. Look, I know he can be aggravating, but what you have to remember is he's not doing it on purpose, it's just how he is. But he's also loyal and trustworthy and we have fun together.
Professor Proton: You know you're describing a dog?
Leonard: He did bite me once. But in his defense, I came up behind him while he was eating.
Professor Proton: They hate that.
Leonard: Sheldon is the smartest person I have met. He's a little broken and he needs me. And I guess I need him too.
Professor Proton: Why is that?
Leonard: Boy, you will not let this go, will you?

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Look, a new topical antihistamine with lidocaine. Wow! I can't wait 'til I get a rash.

Quote from Leonard

Leonard: Ooh, Gasex has a new ultra-strength. I guess they really do read their mail.

Quote from Leonard

Sheldon: Hey, isn't that Professor Proton?
Leonard: Oh, yeah.
Sheldon: Look at him just standing in line, like he wasn't moderately famous thirty years ago.
Sheldon: Let's go say hello.
Leonard: Oh, maybe we shouldn't bother him.
Sheldon: I'm not going to bother him. I'm going to talk to him.
Leonard: He thinks there's a difference.

Quote from Howard

Raj: Excuse me, I happen to be very comfortable with my masculinity.
Howard: How is that possible?

Quote from Penny

Amy: How do you not know how to use glue? Did you ditch pre-school?
Penny: Yeah, but only because I was dating a second-grader.

Quote from Howard

Howard: Look who's here to put the Jew in Jewellery night.

Quote from Amy

Amy: (Talking about Howard & Raj) They are going to have sex before Sheldon and I do. I knew it!

Quote from Sheldon

Amy: Come on, he's a retired kids show host.
Sheldon: That's even worse. Using the sweet candy of science to trick children into loving him. ... Pervert.

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