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‘The Maternal Capacitance’ Quotes

The Big Bang Theory: The Maternal Capacitance

215. The Maternal Capacitance

Aired February 9, 2009

A visit from Leonard's mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, brings misery for the gang, except for Sheldon who is enamored with Leonard's analytical mother.

Quote from Howard

Beverly Hofstadter: It might explain why the two of you have created an ersatz homosexual marriage to satisfy your need for intimacy.
Howard: Say what?


Quote from Penny

Leonard: She's only been here a day and a half, and I'm seriously considering alcoholism as a new career path.
Penny: Hey, I talked to her for five minutes yesterday, and I've been half bombed ever since.

Quote from Penny

Penny: You can't let her get into your head.
Leonard: It's too late for me, my head is her summer house.

Quote from Sheldon

Leonard: That was fast.
Beverly Hofstadter: Oh, the middle stall was occupied. I'll have to try again later.
Sheldon: That's totally understandable. In bladder voiding, as in real estate, it's location, location, location.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Yeah, I'm definitely going with colonoscopy.
Leonard: Okay, bye. (Off the phone) My mother's coming for a visit.
Howard: How about that, you were right.

Quote from Leonard

Leonard: You shush. I'm happy. I want to talk about it.

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