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‘The Gates Excitation’ Quotes

The Big Bang Theory: The Gates Excitation

1118. The Gates Excitation

Aired March 29, 2018

Penny gets the opportunity to host Bill Gates at work when his company wants to partner with her pharmaceutical company. Also, Leonard, Koothrappali and Wolowitz do everything in their power to meet him, while Sheldon thinks he is the victim of an April Fools prank.

Quote from Leonard

Penny: I'm not leaving you for Bill Gates.
Leonard: You sure? I bet his Internet's really fast.


Quote from Leonard

Leonard: Uh, M-Mr. Gates, I'm-I'm Dr. Leonard Hofstadter. We've actually met before.
Bill Gates : Sorry, I don't remember.
Leonard: You were so nice, a-and it was really special to me because you've been such a big influence on my life. I mean, ever since I was a little kid, I've looked up to you like-like a hero. (sobbing)
Bill Gates : Oh, now I remember. Would you like a tissue?
Leonard: How about a hug?
Bill Gates : How-how about a tissue?

Quote from Leonard

Raj: But why do they still call Batman using the Bat-Signal? Wouldn't it just be, like, easier to text him?
Howard: The Bat-Signal isn't just to alert Batman, it's also to strike fear in the hearts of his enemies and let them know he's coming.
Leonard: Sort of like Sheldon's knock.
Sheldon: Comparing me to Batman? I'll take it.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: You know what they say, fool me "N" times, where "N" equals the amount of times you've already fooled me, shame on you. Fool me "N" plus one times, shame on me.

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