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‘Cape Canaveral, Schrodinger's Cat, and Cyndi Lauper's Hair’ Quotes

Young Sheldon: Cape Canaveral, Schrodinger's Cat, and Cyndi Lauper's Hair

108. Cape Canaveral, Schrodinger's Cat, and Cyndi Lauper's Hair

Aired December 14, 2017

After Mary urges George Sr. to try bond with Sheldon, he takes the boys on a road trip to Florida to witness a space shuttle launch. Back home, Mary, Missy and Meemaw have a girls' weekend at the salon.

Quote from Adult Sheldon

Adult Sheldon: I never did get to see a launch in person, but that was the best trip I ever had. I wish I had told my father while he was alive.


Quote from Adult Sheldon

Adult Sheldon: I didn't realize until years later that my father was only asking questions about lightning and thunder to cheer me up. In fact, he would often pretend to be dumb just to make me feel better.

Quote from Sheldon

[Sheldon, George Sr. and Georgie in a tent]
Sheldon: Moth! Moth!
George Sr.: Sheldon, it's just a butterfly.
Sheldon: How is that any better? Butterfly, butterfly!

Quote from Missy

Missy: How come I don't get to go?
Mary: 'Cause you, me and Meemaw are gonna have our own fun.
Missy: Could we shoot guns at the gun range?
Mary: Mm, you're too young to go to the gun range.
Missy: Meemaw took me.
Meemaw: We pinky swore. What are you doing?
Missy: Oh, yeah. Don't listen to me. I don't know what I'm saying.

Quote from George Jr.

Mary: Wait, Georgie. Where's your bag?
George Jr.: Don't need one. Got my toothbrush right here.
Mary: What about clothes? A change of underwear?
George Jr.: Got it.
Mary: Georgie, you're gonna be gone for two days.
George Jr.: I'll turn them inside out.

Quote from Sheldon

George Sr.: Can I tell you a secret? I never understood how lightning works.
Sheldon: Didn't they teach you that in high school?
George Sr.: They probably did, but I got hit in the head a lot playing football. Would you explain it to me?
Sheldon: Well, when positive and negative charges grow large enough, a giant spark occurs in the cloud.
George Sr.: Ah, that-that's pretty cool. What causes the thunder?
Sheldon: It's a shock wave from particles heated to 10,000 degrees.
George Sr.: Interesting.
Sheldon: You want to know what's really interesting? Aristotle thought that the sound of thunder was due to a collision between two clouds. He believed the clouds were expelling air, in the way a log on a fire crackles-

Quote from George Sr.

Mary: You're a good dad.
George Sr.: If I don't kill one of them before Sunday, I'm a good dad.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Dad? Dad? Dad? - Dad.
George Sr.: What?
Sheldon: Georgie keeps kicking me.
George Sr.: Kick him back.
Sheldon: I'd rather not touch him.

Quote from Meemaw

Sheldon: I wonder if we'll get to meet an astronaut.
Meemaw: I remember when I was a teenager, I had the biggest crush on John Glenn. I would've given it up for him no problem.
Mary: Mom.
Missy: Given what up?
Mary: Her allowance. Just eat.

Quote from George Jr.

Sheldon: Schrodinger's cat is a thought experiment. A cat in a box is exposed to poison, and is both alive and dead until it is observed.
George Jr.: So the cat's name is Schrodinger?
Sheldon: No.
George Jr.: Well, what's its name?
Sheldon: Its name doesn't matter.
George Jr.: It does if the cat was dead. Otherwise, what are you gonna put on his tombstone?
George Sr.: Not likely the cat's getting a tombstone.
George Jr.: It would in a pet cemetery.

Quote from Sheldon

[After Sheldon catches a fish]
Sheldon: Get it away, get it away!
George Sr.: Calm down, it's an itty-bitty thing.
Sheldon: No, I'm an itty-bitty thing!

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