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‘A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek’ Quotes

Young Sheldon: A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek

113. A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek

Aired February 1, 2018

After Sheldon's teacher sneezes in class he decides to brave the school's punishment and skip class in a bid to avoid catching the flu. As more and more people appear to be sick, Sheldon's fear of the flu rises and he takes extreme measures to insulate himself from illness.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Why do you keep smiling?
Mary: You need to look at your mask, baby.
Sheldon: Missy!


Quote from George Jr.

Ms. MacElroy: A simile directly compares two things, using the words "like" and "as". "I slept like a log." "I'm hungry as a horse."
George Jr.: "Your love is like bad medicine."
Ms. MacElroy: Exactly.
George Jr.: That's Bon Jovi.
Ms. MacElroy: Okay.
George Jr.: His hair is awesome.
Ms. MacElroy: Moving on.

Quote from Meemaw

Meemaw: Just when you think he's gonna zig, you get a big old zag.

Quote from George Jr.

George Jr.: I think the saddest part about it is just how sad it is.

Quote from Meemaw

Meemaw: Mind if I take a crack at catching the Road Runner?
Mary: What are you gonna do that I couldn't do?
Meemaw: Oh, a little trick I learned trying to get prairie dogs out of the hole. Of course we'd whack off their heads with a golf club. I'm not gonna do that to Sheldon.

Quote from Adult Sheldon

Adult Sheldon: I've been called a germophobe, but I do find a single sneeze acceptable. It could be caused by dust, allergies, really whatever nasal irritant floats your boat. However, during flu season, a second sneeze means a plague is upon the land, and it's every man for himself.

Quote from Sheldon

Dr. Eberland: Sheldon, you have nothing to worry about. Even if you did get the flu, it's usually over in a week.
Sheldon: Why are we getting medical advice from a man who smokes?
Mary: Sheldon.
Dr. Eberland: Okay, I have patients who are actually sick. Maybe we should wrap this up.
Sheldon: How come you don't get sick all the time?
Dr. Eberland: Well, I take precautions. I wash my hands, I wear gloves and a mask.

Quote from Meemaw

Meemaw: Listen to me, buster.
Sheldon: Okay.
Meemaw: You are a lot of things, Sheldon. You are cute, smart, hygienic. But most of all you are a Texan.
Sheldon: So?
Meemaw: So Texans aren't afraid of nothin'! Rattlesnakes, Indians, the Mexican Army. Do you imagine that Sam Houston was scared of a little old cold?
Sheldon: No.
Meemaw: Jim Bowie?
Sheldon: No.
Meemaw: Sissy Spacek?
Sheldon: I guess not?
Meemaw: You're damn right, because they're Texans through and through. Now I want you to quit hiding in this plastic bubble, and I want you to come out here and eat your cookies out in the world like a man! Like a Texan man!

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