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The Valentine's Day Dance

‘The Valentine's Day Dance’

Season 1, Episode 13 -  Aired February 2, 2022

Dean plans to ask Keisa to the Valentine's Day dance at school, until he finds out her parents aren't ready to let her date boys. Meanwhile, Bill and Lillian make Kim join a Big Sister program to improve her college résumé.

Quote from Dean

Keisa: Hey, what's up?
Dean: I was thinking about what you said about your parents saying you couldn't go to the dance, but how you really wanted to go. And then I realized that Hampton and I are on the dance committee.
Hampton: We are?
Dean: Yes. We are.
Hampton: Right. We are.
Dean: You should join. Then we... I mean, you can go to the dance.
Adult Dean: While Hampton secretly prayed for forgiveness for lying, I prayed for a miracle.


Quote from Cory

Dean: Hampton, that was amazing!
Hampton: What did I do?
Dean: If Keisa joins the committee, she can still go to the dance, and I can still reveal my true feelings to her. It's perfect.
Cory: [laughs] Oh. Y'all are serious? Well, y'all two have fun with that.

Quote from Adult Dean

Adult Dean: I understood why her parents would fall for his charade, but I couldn't believe Keisa fell for it, too. Why would she want to go to the dance with that guy? Just because he was tall and handsome and loved the Lord. [sighs] Who was I kidding? I would have loved for my daughter to have dated someone like Perry Barlow.

Quote from Kim

Keisa: Thank you, Kim. Were my parents mad when you told them?
Kim: Girl, I didn't tell anyone anything.
Dean: So, Mom and Dad don't know about this, either.
Kim: Nope. I just pretended to be Mom on the phone when the store clerk called. They have no idea.
Dean: Thanks.
Kim: But that doesn't mean I can't tell them later about what you did.
Keisa: Please don't punish Dean. He didn't do anything wrong. This is all my fault. This probably means you won't be my Big Sister anymore, doesn't it?
Kim: No. This doesn't change anything. Just, next time you need something, make sure you come to me. It's what big sisters are for. But don't you ever do that again.

Quote from Kim

Adult Dean: Kim saved us from real trouble that day. That was the first time I remembered being thankful to have a big sister.
Dean: Thank you, Kim. It was really cool how you fooled that guy back there.
Kim: You're welcome. And by the way, strong women should never resort to crying unless no one was there to see it. Right?
Dean: Oh... Oh. [nods]
Kim: Now c'mon. Dance starts in two hours, and you gotta get ready. And, Dean, you need a bath... bad.

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