Hampton Quote #11

Quote from Hampton in The Sleepover

Hampton: Don't tell me you have to use the bathroom again. I just got comfortable.
Dean: I-I'm sorry.
Hampton: Just hold it in. That's what I'm doing.
Dean: You can die doing that.
Hampton: I hope not. One of my biggest fears is pooping at someone else's house.
Dean: Just move!
Hampton: Ugh.


 ‘The Sleepover’ Quotes

Quote from Dean

Adult Dean: The fact that Coach Long was trusting me with a secret he couldn't tell Cory made me feel mature, special.
It almost made me forget that I am terrible at keeping secrets.
Kim: Why'd you buy paper plates?
Dean: For your surprise birthday party.
Bill: Thanks, Dean.
Bill: I can't wait to see Planet of the Apes.
Dean: Yeah, I heard it was good. They were on Earth all along. [off Bill's look] W-What? I said it was good.

Quote from Kim

Kim: Ooh, he must be gambling. That's what happened to my friend Lorraine. Her father lost their house in a card game, and they had to move to Arkansas.
Dean: I thought they wanted to move to Arkansas?
Kim: Nobody wants to move to Arkansas.

Quote from Bill

Bill: What's eating at you?
Dean: My friends all think I'm petty.
Lillian: Well, tell your friends...
Bill: You're petty as hell, Dean.
Lillian: Bill.
Bill: He's petty at Christmas, petty with his sister. He was petty as a baby. First time I changed his diaper, he was mad it wasn't you and peed in my face.
Lillian: All babies are like that.
Bill: You didn't see the look in his eye when he did it. Petty.