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Quote from Dean in The Valentine's Day Dance

Dean: Kim, please promise that you won't do anything to embarrass me when my friend Keisa comes over.
Kim: Oh, it's that Keisa? Sure, I won't even mention you. I'll leave the embarrassing part up to you.
Dean: Great. Thanks.
Adult Dean: With Kim on my side now, I just had to ensure my home field was wiped clean of any other embarrassments...
like a naked photo of me as a baby. And another... Did my parents ever bother to dress me? Even the pictures I drew of myself were naked. What kind of a freak was I? [Dean sighs] Great. Nothing embarrassing left. [doorbell rings] [sighs] [Dean sees his underwear] Okay.
[Dean answers the front door:]
Dean: [sighs] Hey, Keisa. Sorry, I completely forgot you were coming. Uh, c'mon in.
Lillian: [o.s.] Dean! Why is your dinosaur underwear in the oven?!


 ‘The Valentine's Day Dance’ Quotes

Quote from Kim

Adult Dean: Every generation of every family wants its children to have a better life. For many black families in the '60s, a better life simply meant being able to walk a dog instead of being chased by them. For my family, a better life meant a better education.
Lillian: I talked to your guidance counselor. He said that volunteering for the Big Sister, Little Sister program could help your college application stand out.
Kim: I've spent years as Dean's big sister. Shouldn't that count towards community service?
Bill: Spent the first two years trying to send him back. Kept wasting good stamps.
Kim: Well, I went to all his stupid baseball games.
Dean: You went to one game, and the one game that you actually went to, you thought I was another kid.
Kim: You all wear the same color shirts.

Quote from Hampton

Hampton: Ah, isn't it magical? All of our hard work has finally paid off, and you've got the best job in the house. You get to see everyone's faces as they first lay eyes on our underwater fantasy. "Fanta-sea." That would have been a good one.

Quote from Bill

Bill: My man. First dance tonight. You know what? Your curfew's extended until 10:00.
Dean: Cool.
Bill: You meeting Keisa there, or are you guys picking her up?
Dean: Actually, I'm not going with Keisa. I never asked her, and now she's going with an eighth grader.
Bill: Then who are you going with?
Dean: I'm on the planning committee.
Bill: [sighs] Be home by 8:00.