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Quote from Adult Dean in Home for Christmas

Adult Dean: Yep, that's an electric saw. It was 1968. There were a bunch of kids walking around missing a couple of fingers.


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Quote from Adult Dean

Adult Dean: But what if they were right? What if guys don't come back from Vietnam the same? The next morning, I decided I needed to pay extra-close attention to my brother. Never let him leave my sight, examine every word and action to make sure he's sane.
[As Dean reaches for the last rasher of bacon, Kim grabs it]
Kim: Ooh, I'll take that.
Bruce: Mm. I'll take that. [hands it to Dean]
Adult Dean: Bruce brought the balance of power back to the house. Nothing crazy about that.
[As Bill goes to reach for the last biscuit, Bruce grabs it for himself]
Bruce: I'll take that too.
Adult Dean: Nope, he was clearly bat[bleep] crazy.

Quote from Cory

Dean: I don't know what you guys are talking about. That's just a movie.
Norman: Nope. Those guys don't come back the same.
Cory: He's right, Dean. My mama's cousin came back from Vietnam, and now everybody says he's on the junk.
Brad: What's "the junk"?
Cory: I don't really know. But whatever it is, it makes your grandma lock up her rings.

Quote from Dean

Bruce: Dad, can I borrow your car to run some errands?
Dean: Oh, uh, I'll go with you.
Lillian: You like running errands now?
Dean: Oh, you know me. I just love 'em.
Adult Dean: Of course I didn't, but I had to be careful what I said to my parents. The last thing I wanted was to tip them off that something was wrong with Bruce.
Dean: [shouts] He's got a knife! [normal voice] Which he's using to butter his biscuit.
Adult Dean: Or wrong with me.