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Dean: Mom? Dad? You guys home from work yet?
Adult Dean: In the '60s, you could count on Black men for all kinds of things. Being able to dress. Being able to fix a car. Unfortunately, you could also count on them to know exactly where to hide things. Instead of a will, my dad left us a map.
Dean: [holds "Adults Only" record by Redd Foxx] Getting warmer. [holds "200 M.P.H." record by Bill Crosby] Getting colder.
Adult Dean: Boy, was I wrong. I was determined to find his stash of magazines. Wow. All the drawings and homemade cards we'd given them over the years. Mr. Giggles? Wait. Mama told me he moved to a farm after I dropped him in the toilet that time. [sighs] The betrayal. Wow. So many memories. So many precious... Oh, boobs. Jackpot. I mean, sure, these were pretty tame by today's standards, but back then, nothing was hotter than Mahogany Love. Stay out of grown folks' business, Mr. Giggles.


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Lillian: And then he told me they were your magazines, and this was supposed to be between the men.
Bill: Oh, so you did hear that part.
Adult Dean: I know I wasn't supposed to do it. I know they're dirty. [sighs] I tried to think about other things, but I couldn't get those pictures out of my head. Stupid sexy Harriet Tubman.

Quote from Lillian

Dean: Well, since you asked, I did overhear some older kids talking the other day. [sighs] What's a period?
Bill: Damn it, Lillian!
Lillian: Okay. A period...
Adult Dean: In the '60s, most women didn't openly talk about sex, but Mama was always ahead of the curve. She was the first Black woman in her hometown to learn how to drive. She was the first Black woman in her hometown to go to college.
And I can't prove this one, but I'm fairly certain she was the first Black woman in the neighborhood to own a cardboard box chock-full of porn.
Lillian: One day, there is going to be a woman that you love, and knowing this about the opposite sex is gonna make you a more open and caring partner. Most men have no idea about the female sex drive, and I don't want you to turn out like them.
Bill: True. Wait, in this scenario, is Dean most men, or am I?
Lillian: All I'm saying is I know this isn't what you were expecting to hear from a woman, especially your mom, but I don't think it's too much for me to ask that my son grow up to be a caring and tender man. I'll be taking these.
Bill: Aren't you forgetting the "just like his father" part? [Lillian keeps walking] "Just like your father." It was implied.

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Adult Dean: Now that I'd seen those photos of naked women, I couldn't focus on anything anymore.
[fantasy: Dean imagines the picture of Harriet Tubman in his textbook talking to him:]
Harriet Tubman: You're thinking about what my boobs look like, aren't you, Dean?
Dean: No. I swear I wasn't.
Harriet Tubman: That's not why I risked my life saving thousands of innocent lives. Pull yourself together.