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Quote from Dean in Green Eyed Monster

Mrs. Hodges: Dean, Cory, Keisa, may I see the three of you up front, please? [they step forward] You all know that talking during class is a demerit.
Dean: I'm sorry, Mrs. Hodges. I've just been really upset about Dr. King.
Mrs. Hodges: Oh, dear. I do understand.
Adult Dean: [chuckles] This was getting too easy.
Cory: It's hit us all pretty hard.
Adult Dean: It wasn't enough that he hijacked my girl? Now he was hijacking my "White Liberal Guilt" card?
Mrs. Hodges: I'm sure it hit you both equally hard. And you, as well, Keisa. In fact, I think I might have a solution. Why don't you all give a presentation to the class about Dr. King's importance? Help us feel your pain.
Dean: I- Is it okay if I do my own? It's just Dr. King's death was... so personal.
Mrs. Hodges: Of course, Dean.
Adult Dean: Nothing could hurt worse than working with them.
[fantasy: Cory and Keisa are sitting on a couch together. Keisa is knitting while Cory reads the paper and smokes a pipe:]
Keisa: Thank God we worked on that MLK presentation together all those years ago.
Cory: If Dean hadn't done his own project, I would never have proposed to you. [a number of children are playing on the floor]
Adult Dean: I was wrong. This hurt so much more.


 ‘Green Eyed Monster’ Quotes

Quote from Kim

Kim: You know, for what it's worth, I hope things work out with you, Tommy, and Kasey.
Dean: You mean Cory and Keisa?
Kim: Yeah, them.
Dean: You don't even know my friends' names?
Kim: I-I do. Cory, Keisa, and... Fred, the one who died last year.
Dean: Fred was my turtle.
Kim: Oh. I thought he was one of your buddies from school.
Dean: And you didn't say anything for a whole year?!
Kim: Ugh!

Quote from Bill

Bill: So, who gonna be there?
Kim: Mildred, Vesta... Kwame X.
Bill: Kwame X? What kind of stupid-ass militant name is that? His name is Albert. Albert. And you're not going.

Quote from Brad

Brad: [raises hand] Uh... I'm sad about Mr. King's death, too.
Mrs. Hodges: Nice try, Brad. You already got out of eight days of homework last Hanukkah.