Bill Quote #10

Quote from Bill in Green Eyed Monster

Bill: So, who gonna be there?
Kim: Mildred, Vesta... Kwame X.
Bill: Kwame X? What kind of stupid-ass militant name is that? His name is Albert. Albert. And you're not going.


 ‘Green Eyed Monster’ Quotes

Quote from Kim

Kim: You know, for what it's worth, I hope things work out with you, Tommy, and Kasey.
Dean: You mean Cory and Keisa?
Kim: Yeah, them.
Dean: You don't even know my friends' names?
Kim: I-I do. Cory, Keisa, and... Fred, the one who died last year.
Dean: Fred was my turtle.
Kim: Oh. I thought he was one of your buddies from school.
Dean: And you didn't say anything for a whole year?!
Kim: Ugh!

Quote from Bill

Dean: You like fishing, huh?
Bill: I love it.
Dean: But you don't eat fish.
Bill: Hate it. Think about all those fish out there under the surface that we can't see. They have no idea what's going on here, above the water. They don't even care. Their life is simple. They don't have to wonder why bad things happen to good people or why there's so much hatred in the world or why, for some people, life may never be fair. Nope. They have no idea. Maybe that's why I like to fish.

Quote from Brad

Brad: [raises hand] Uh... I'm sad about Mr. King's death, too.
Mrs. Hodges: Nice try, Brad. You already got out of eight days of homework last Hanukkah.