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Quote from Dean in Home for Christmas

Adult Dean: Ah, Bruce was taking too long. I tried to signal him with the bird calls we used when we played hide-and-seek against Kim.
Dean: Ca-caw, ca-caw! [imitates pigeon cooing]
Adult Dean: Nothing.
Dean: Quack!
Adult Dean: And my bird game was clearly strong, so I had to go see what was really going on.


 ‘Home for Christmas’ Quotes

Quote from Adult Dean

Adult Dean: But what if they were right? What if guys don't come back from Vietnam the same? The next morning, I decided I needed to pay extra-close attention to my brother. Never let him leave my sight, examine every word and action to make sure he's sane.
[As Dean reaches for the last rasher of bacon, Kim grabs it]
Kim: Ooh, I'll take that.
Bruce: Mm. I'll take that. [hands it to Dean]
Adult Dean: Bruce brought the balance of power back to the house. Nothing crazy about that.
[As Bill goes to reach for the last biscuit, Bruce grabs it for himself]
Bruce: I'll take that too.
Adult Dean: Nope, he was clearly bat[bleep] crazy.

Quote from Adult Dean

Adult Dean: Yep, that's an electric saw. It was 1968. There were a bunch of kids walking around missing a couple of fingers.

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Quote from The Sleepover

Adult Dean: The fact that Coach Long was trusting me with a secret he couldn't tell Cory made me feel mature, special.
It almost made me forget that I am terrible at keeping secrets.
Kim: Why'd you buy paper plates?
Dean: For your surprise birthday party.
Bill: Thanks, Dean.
Bill: I can't wait to see Planet of the Apes.
Dean: Yeah, I heard it was good. They were on Earth all along. [off Bill's look] W-What? I said it was good.

Quote from Independence Day

Bill: I told you how he was swerving all over the road.
Dean: It was like watching a drunk turtle.
Lillian: Well, it was worse than that. He had a fender-bender. Left the car and walked home. They called a tow truck, but he couldn't remember where he left it.
Bill: [sighs] I guess it's time.
Lillian: Yeah. Everybody's time comes sooner or later. I know it's hard, but you're doing the right thing, and you're doing it because you love him.
Dean: It's okay, Dad. He'll be in a better place, like Buster.
Adult Dean: I didn't exactly know what they were talking about, but it sounded like when my dog Buster had to go to a big farm in the sky.
Bill: What? Boy, we're talking about stopping your granddad from driving, not putting him down.
Dean: Oh!